Kigelia Africana

The main ingredient of Firmax3 Cream is the Kigelia Africana or known as African Sausage Tree. It is also called the “African Tree of Life” due to its help in sustaining the life of animals and people of the African desert. It is being used by traditional healers to cure all skin problems and many other illnesses. 

Kigelia Africana’s therapeutic potential was evaluated through clinical studies. They found out that the traditional uses of this plant have scientific basis and discovered other potential medical uses.

Other High Potent Ingredients

O2Max3 Revitalizing Serum contains several ingredients that are known to be superior for skin regeneration, anti-aging effect, anti-inflammatory, collagen precursors, skin whitening, and many other benefits.

Other Ingredients

Aside from Kigelia Africana, Firmax3 have other ingredients that are proven beneficial for many other health concerns.

Sangre De Drago

Our unique ingredients “Sangre De Drago” or Dragon’s Blood has been known for hundreds of years and used by traditional healers of the Northern Amazon Region like Peru, Ecuador, and Columbia.