RF3 World products are made in a state of the art laboratory facility using selected high quality ingredients. All product varieties are formulated to address various concerns from beauty and anti-aging and for maintaining wellness and vitality.

O2Max3 Revitalizing Serum is one of the best product of RF3 World. This product is in serum type designed to give the maximum benefits for all skin problems.

Firmax3 Nano Technology

The fast effect of Firmax3 Cream is due to Nano Technology applied to its ingredients.

Scalar Energy

One of the extraordinary benefit of Firmax3 Cream is the addition of Scalar Energy material on its packaging. The scalar film was embedded inside and on top of the Firmax3 bottle to ensure that the product quality is preserved. Scalar material can help balance the energy flow and prevent harmful radiation from affecting the body.

Serum are the most superior type of cosmetics that maximizes the ability of our natural ingredients to effectively and rapidly heals or restore any skin problems.


Firmax3 Cream is a unique formulation than can help restore several skin problems and at the same time delivers nutrients into the body through the skin. It is called Multi-purpose Wellness Cream due to its many uses that benefit not only the skin but the whole system. 



While there are numerous product testimonies from users, we are not claiming that the product can cure. Our Products are licensed cosmetic products and not intended to cure any diseases except for the skin.